• Let's Make Some Memories!

    Event commemorator 


     creative collaborator


    Alton Sun


    (And rising)

    Wanna work something out? 

    Let's talk. 

    But first

    Take a look around. 

    (I'm near impossible to offend)

    Try me. 

  • How do you want your event to be remembered?

    Want to feel proud showing off your media on next year's invite? 

    (Quality media means you can deliver even more impactful experiences next round) 

    Cool with my watermarks? 

    Pay $300 less

    (if your event has more than 300 attendees)

    You press their buttons

    I'll capture their expressions with mine

    Over a decade of bay area experience. 

    Hundreds of events. 

    What emotions do you want to co-orchestrate?

    Got a fancy dinner?

    Don't settle

    My commitment to your community is worth more than that. 

    (^ above might be a typical image you'd get from an average photographer or me on a bad day. So where does that get you?) 

    Wanna bring your own shooter?

    Or learn from me?

    I'll be honest:

     I'm looking to transition to more of a teaching role in the wild world of sv parties every weekend. 

    Nothing has made me happier than being paid to travel the world to share time with people during the happiest times of their lives. 

    Every time I go to events I feel like there's a whole new layer of awareness only I can experience as an observer. It was like when I learned that body language was a thing. 

     I would love for more students to take my place as of mid to late 2018. If you've ever considered becoming a shooter, you can pick up some skillz from me for your community ~ might take some practice but hey we have the rest of our lives. 

    Make an offer you know I'll want to say yes to! Worst case scenario I make a counter offer. 

  • Q: What do these companies have in common?

    (Besides being great)


    One of the largest in-person gatherings from the Reddit annual community as a whole - and for their entire team. 

    Who did they choose to shoot?


    They had 3 top professors flying in from all over the world to highlight the implications of a world that recognized our common humanity. 

    Who did they trust?


    They had a private event at their HQ featuring the CEO of burning man. 

    Who did they hire?

    You guessed it

    A: It was me.

  • You want your event to be remembered? 

    But wanna pay as you go model?

    $300/hr flat, 2 hr minimum.

    This barebones option does NOT include editing. ($150/hr, also pay as you go)

    Covers shooting and hosting with typical 24 hour turnaround.

     (Rather than months like many) 

    Want me to bring an extra Kelly assistant? 

    Depending on her mood, it's our gift to you. 

    (We like doing things together.)

    We're all people at the end of the day. 

    Thanks for considering co-creating something together, today. 

    Sound good? Now would be a good time to text me to confirm. 


    *Once I get your $500 Venmo or PayPal deposit, I lock down the date and time. 

    Ball is in your court. 

    Thank you for being here. 

    We can breathe now.